We enable foreign and domestic investors to navigate the local business environment, and operate in new markets and verticals to achieve exponential growth. Our single window solution delivers the 3i- insight+, investment & implementation.


A J-Curve refers to the shape of a graph in macroeconomics and finance to illustrate growth. The J-Curve is typically used to show an upward "turn around" depicted by the vertical part of the 'J' on the graph, indicating improved performance and statistics that are much higher than the starting point.


Headquartered out of India, J-Curve Ventures Pvt. Ltd. operates in markets and verticals that will see businesses achieve exponential growth. The J-Curve team has extensive experience and networks in the areas of infrastructure, logistics, advisory, investments and cross border operations. J-Curve's focus is on sectors of Transport, Technology and Infrastructure. Through in-house resources as  well as strategic partners, we provide expert assistance to businesses requiring solutions to augment their internal structures.

" Our mission is to help clients, partners and our operating Companies chart their own hockey stick curves. "

Our Services

J-Curve possesses insightful experience and capabilities in its core industrial and functional sectors.

Our business practices include:

Market Facilitation Service

For companies that have the requisite resources, offerings and intent for expansion in emerging markets, but are unfamiliar the local nuances.


Assistance to clients to meet finance and investment needs while delivering complete restructuring solutions to fit new goals and re-establish or upgrade past performances.

Policy Research & Advocacy

Expert assistance at every step to businesses requiring solutions outside of their internal structures and teams.

Our Industry Practices are in the fields of business that we have most extensive knowledge and experience in.

Advisory Board

Through their wealth of experience, insight and networks, the board helps J-Curve, its clients and investee companies reach their fullest potential.


Mr. Kashi Nath Memani

Former Chairman Ernst & Young, India, Former Chairman, External Audit  Committee  of  IMF

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Mr. Pradip P. Shah

Chairman, IndAsia Fund Advisors
Former Founder MD, CRISIL 

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Mr. Rajiv Krishan Luthra

Founder and Managing Partner, 
Luthra & Luthra Law Offices

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Country Directors
Ulf M Österberg_edited.jpg

Mr. Ulf Osterberg

Country Director - Finland

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Mr. Kazumasa Kusaka

Country Director - Japan

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Dr. Torsten Fischer

Country Director - Germany

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